1-2-1 Business English Training

1-2-1 Business English Training

Bespoke 1-2-1 Business English training for professionals who wish to see improvements in their English language for business purposes. Delivered online and highly adapted to the needs and time considerations of the trainee.

1-2-1 English classes



1-2-1 Business English sessions can be organised as suits the client.

Course Delivery

Training is delivered online via video call (Zoom, Teams, etc.), and training resources are shared before, during, and after the training as required.

one to one business English classes

What is it?

AllTalk Training’s customised online 1-2-1 Business English course features bespoke English training. The individual needs of the participant are identified before the training commences in order to maximise the benefit of the course, and the length and duration of the training can be adapted to suit bust timetables.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at professionals who wish to develop their Business English skills. Individual needs are explored before the training commences in order to provide a bespoke individual Business English course that is specifically tailored to the trainee.

“It was a very positive experience and has helped me to improve my English at work.

The lessons were fully customised to my work needs, which helped me develop the most challenging business topics in English in my field of expertise. After the classes, I continue to review the lessons and put the learnings into practice in my work every day.

Moreover, my trainer was great, very patient and helpful, also giving me tips to help me to feel more confident with the language.

I would recommend AllTalk Training to everyone looking for a flexible one-to-one business English training based on individual’s professional needs.”

Katarina Barcellos, Digital Marketing Specialist, Folens

After this course, attendees will...

feel more confident in their ability to work professionally in the English language

have strategies in place to reduce the number of language mistakes (grammatical, spelling, etc.) that can affect the ‘quality’ of their English

better understand the elements of their English that need focus and/or further attention

have had the opportunity to strengthen the identified/requested areas of Business English focus (for example, meetings, presentations, professional writing, etc.)

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

Course Outline

1-2-1 Business English sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the trainee. The content varies depending on the needs requested and identified

Focuses may include practical business language, pronunciation practice, formal business English training, and role plays of typical business activities

Grammar exercises prescribed as necessary, usually as homework

Identification of further needs and practical solutions for continued self-improvement

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.


What topics do the 1-2-1 Business English Training classes cover?

The 1-2-1 Business English Training course is completely catered to the needs of the individual trainee. Trainee requirements are identified in a pre-course call, and classes can be adapted to fulfil the specific requests of the trainee. The trainer also uses their experience to guide the trainee in the areas that need more focus.

What happens if I can’t attend a class?

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, meaning that classes can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the class takes place. We are aware of the need for flexibility for busy professionals, and we encourage communication with the trainer to ensure the training fits your busy schedule.

Who will I do my 1-2-1 Business English Training classes with?

You will train with one of our experienced, fully qualified trainers. You can meet the team on our website here, and we also arrange a pre-course call with your trainer to identify your needs and make sure you feel comfortable and happy with your 1-2-1 trainer.

Do I get an English level and/or certificate for my 1-2-1 Business English Training course?

Our experienced trainers can assess your level and we can provide you with a certificate upon request.

How many 1-2-1 Business English Training classes do I need?

It totally depends on your needs. We can provide as many 1-2-1 sessions as you feel are necessary, but we will always guide you on what is best for your development.

Are 1-2-1 Business English Training classes eligible for CPD points?

Upon successful completion, participants are awarded a certificate which details the commitment involved. This allows HR departments to make a determination as to the allocation of CPD points for successful completion of our courses, according to their own internal CPD systems.

AllTalk Training is not on the National Framework of Qualifications as a credit bearing course. This is standard practice for professional courses of this nature where the need is for fresh and actionable skills (in a shorter form course) that are demonstrated immediately in the workplace.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

“I engaged with AllTalk Training to improve my verbal and written English skills. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  My trainer is very professional, structured, methodical, and also fun to work with. I was extremely impressed about my trainer’s flexibility where she adjusted the training plan to my individual (and spontaneous) needs. Her cultural knowledge and German language skills helped to highlight cultural differences and common pitfalls. I am happy to share my experience if you have further questions. Overall, AllTalk Training are professional, flexible, customer-focussed – I would recommend AllTalk Training without hesitation.”

Stefanie Langer – CEO, Bridge-it

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