Month: May 2018

English Readers

Our Top 5 Tips to Write Great Business Emails in English (and to do it quickly!)

Want to write clearer business emails in English in less time? My top 5 tips will help you spend less time on writing great business emails in English You know the feeling – checking your emails in English multiple times before sending them to colleagues and clients. You want your English to be almost perfect…

Reading Books In English

Reading in a Foreign Language – The Problem, The Solution

Are you learning English and have given up trying to read books in English because it is just… too… difficult? Teachers and language trainers along the way have probably told you how wonderful reading is to help improve your English. And it’s true, reading has been proven to develop comprehension skills, improve spelling and punctuation,…

Dictionary Series

Using Dictionaries – The secret to language fluency

I always tell my clients that a good dictionary (or two) is their best friend when it comes to writing and speaking accurately and continuing to learn and improve their English independently. That’s why at AllTalk Training we make sure to not only teach our clients correct grammar and pronunciation, and new vocabulary, but also…

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