Online English Training for Professionals

Online English Language Training to boost your career


Aim for better communication with colleagues and clients, be more confident in carrying out tasks that require you to speak English, and get that all-important interview!

Build Confidence, Be Clear

Our specialised one-to-one English language training courses for professionals focus on helping you communicate clearly and confidently in English. Whether you need to prepare for an upcoming interview that will take place in English, or focus on technical or business English, we have the solution for you.

English for the Workplace

Do you have to communicate in English for work purposes? Would you like to feel more comfortable and confident when speaking to clients and colleagues in English? Whether you are looking for Business English training or more specialised language training, we are here to help.

Specialised English Training

If you are looking for specialised language for your work, then we have plenty to offer you. AllTalk Training provides customised, one-to-one English Language Training; English for HR, English for Engineers, English for Sales, English for Customer Service are just some of the specialised online courses we offer.

Interview Preparation

Do you have an interview coming up in English? Would you like to practice with a native speaker before the big day? We have helped many people prepare for their interviews in English. We focus on the language you use and help you choose language that you are comfortable with but that is also professional, so you can land that job!

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A good alternative to our one-to-one training if you just need to learn the general basics of Business English, e.g. writing emails, speaking on the phone, giving presentations etc., AllTalk Training e-courses are a cost-effective alternative for exactly these topics.

The language to carry out these activities is quite standard so you can get great benefit from these e-courses if you have never studied business English before.

We offer two e-courses,

  1. Learn the most common language needed for communicating effectively at work,
  2. Learn language that everyone may not need but will certainly be useful for some.


Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can follow up these Business English E-Courses with our one-to-one training.

A Fun Approach, Faster Results

You can rely on our many years of experience in English language training for professionals. Our fun and communicative approach to teaching English is sure to help you stay motivated and improve quickly!

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English for the Workplace

Specialised English Training

Job Interview Preparation

Business English E-course Series

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What Our Clients Say

I am very happy with my AllTalk Training online course. The classes are very enjoyable and always with content totally customised to your level. Thanks to Brigid I improved my English enough to get a better job in another country. If you want to improve your English effectively I recommend AllTalk Training to everyone.

Roberto Buenavida, Software Engineer at Solenix GmbH

I am so happy that I found AllTalk Training for my English training. Brigid’s sympathetic and sensitive way of teaching has made me enthusiastic. She is always well prepared and reacts exactly to my needs. I can recommend AllTalk Training to everybody who wants to improve their private or business English skills.

Sarah Mesa Gonzalez – Germany

With AllTalk Training I gained enough confidence to be able to face job interviews abroad, communicate with my co-workers and make friendships that would have been impossible without my classes with Brigid. The classes are very effective and personalized and the treatment and the atmosphere that is created with the teacher makes practicing English effortless. Highly recommended!

Veronica Cuellar – Cowork Assistant

AllTalk Training was a great surprise for me. I was expecting a standard online course, but Brigid was simply fantastic. She knows how to motivate me, to make the classes in a way that is enjoyable and effective at the same time. I absolutely recommend it.

Mariana Paixao

When I started traveling around the world I had never spoken English. Brigid showed me that learning other language can be amazing journey. She is a fantastic teacher. Knowledge of English gave me opportunity to get a better job and develop qualifications in English speaking countries.Thank you Brigid

Kamila (from Poland, currently living in England)

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