English for Hotel Staff with IHF Skillnet

English for Hotel Staff with IHF Skillnet

Our English for Hotel Staff course is expertly tailored for all levels of hotel professionals. This course is designed to develop communication skills in English with a particular focus on specific vocabulary for everyday hospitality interactions. In addition, trainees will gain confidence speaking English.

English for hotel staff


Please contact Dervla O’Neill in the Irish Hotels Federation Skillnet for subsidised cost and for bookings


20-hour course over 10 weeks (2 hours per week)

Course Delivery

Live training online with an instructor

English for hotel staff

What is it?

Develop English fluency and master job-specific vocabulary in our confidence-building English for Hotel Staff course tailored for hotel professionals. Receive practical language tools for polite and effective guest and colleague interactions. Elevate your communication skills to excel in your hospitality career.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at non-native English-speaking employees in the hospitality industry. It caters for all levels of English.

What our clients say:

“We are delighted with our partnership with AllTalk Training and the feedback from our delegates has been overwhelmingly positive. Our clients have seen tangible improvements in both confidence and communication in English with both team and customers. We look forward to working with AllTalk Training into the future.”

Dervla O’Neill – Network Manager, Irish Hotels Federation Skillnet

After this course, attendees will...

have further developed their confidence in using English and readiness to speak English

have further developed their ability to communicate in a polite and professional manner

have been provided with vocabulary for working in various roles in a hotel

have been provided with the tools and language to deal with everyday hospitality interactions

know the language to be able to actively participate in team meetings

be familiar with common Irish-English expressions they are likely to come across in their workplace

know the important events and celebrations in Irish culture

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.


Why is this training delivered with IHF Skillnet?

The Irish Hotels Federation Skillnet is dedicated to providing bespoke training to Irish hotels and guesthouses. With an increasingly diverse and international workforce, English skills are essential to providing quality service. This English training supports hotel staff working in Ireland to improve their dedicated English skills at a subsidised cost.

How is the English for hotel staff course with IHF Skillnet delivered?

The training usually consists of a 10-week course, featuring a two-hour class with a live instructor every week. However, please contact Dervla O’Neill at the IHF Skillnet with your specific needs.

What will I learn on the English for hotel staff course with IHF Skillnet?

As well as covering the grammar and vocabulary needs of the trainees, this course focuses on essential English for hospitality professionals, including greeting customers/guests, polite requests, providing assistance such as directions, instructions, dealing with complaints, and important language for discussing shifts, work arrangements and more.

What level do I have to be to participate in the English for hotel staff course with IHF Skillnet?

There is training available for all abilities of English, from beginner to upper-intermediate levels.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them.

What our clients say:

“Ausra our Accommodation Supervisor has grown in confidence when expressing herself and noticeably improved her vocabulary since participating in the IHF Skillnet English Language Beginners Course” 

General Manager, Hotel, Galway.

Let our numbers do the talking

Over 3,000 happy trainees for English and cultural training since 2017
We have 96% repeat business and pride ourselves in long-term partnerships with our clients
We currently support clients in several different industries
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