AllTalk Training provides bespoke business English courses to companies whose staff require a good level of English communication in their daily activities. This is online business English training for professionals.

If you require English for business communication purposes, we can offer 1-2-1, group training, webinars or pre-recorded training solutions in the topics of your choice.

Whether it is writing business emails, preparing for presentations, negotiating contracts, or speaking and understanding English in a variety of business situations, our business English training is designed with your input in order to deliver the most effective solutions.

We are convenient, cost-effective and flexible.

Convenience. Our online business English courses can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. We can deliver sessions direct to your employees at the time of your/their choice. As well as individual 1-2-1 sessions, we provide group business English training solutions, meaning we can train multiple staff in multiple locations at the same time.

Cost-effectiveness. Not only does your staff get access tailored business English courses from the convenience of their own desk, but you also benefit from cost effective training solutions that combine group training with 1-2-1 training. We help you identify topics that need to be covered by all trainees, and what is better left to 1-2-1 training so you can get the most out of your training budget.

Flexibility. We work for the benefit of you and your staff. Course times can be changed at a minimum of 24 hours’ notice and we can reschedule from week to week depending on availability. We also have a number of different training options in the form of 1-2-1 and group sessions, webinars, and pre-recorded videos.

Enjoyable, and with results. See the results you are looking for through customised language training that is delivered in a way your staff enjoys. This approach helps with trainee motivation allowing for better results.

Learning business English is something any employee can do. We offer Business English courses for beginners all the way up to proficient speakers who only need to fine-tune their business English communication skills.

Our experienced trainers will conduct a pre-course interview to understand the individual’s level of English, and then with your needs in mind, will design a course suitable to the individual’s and company’s requirements.

Although we have a large quantity of training materials, we design our courses entirely with your needs in mind. We use your input and the needs of the employee(s) to deliver bespoke business English course which get results.

Our business English training can be delivered in the following ways, or with a blended learning approach of your choice:

1-2-1 training. For individuals

Group training. For multiple staff members, either in one location or across multiple sites.

Webinars. Live sessions for multiple staff members, either in one location or across multiple sites.

Pre-recorded videos. On the subject of your choices, accessible as and when required by multiple staff across sites.

Our business English classes are usually 60 minutes in duration. However, we can adapt those times depending on your requirements.

We use Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom, or any other video-conferencing software preferred by your company in order to deliver cost-effective training in your preferred manner.

Trainees will also be able to access web-based interactive exercises to practise specific language areas e.g. grammar and vocabulary.

Because our business English courses can differ depending on your needs, and we design training programs with your input, our prices vary. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we can give you a full quote.

Our business English courses are delivered by our trainers who are experienced native-English teachers (Irish and British) with strong backgrounds in delivering classes both digitally and in-person. Meet our team of English language trainers here

As well as regular feedback, upon completion of the training we complete a post-course survey and work closely with managers and the trainees themselves to gauge success and areas for further improvement.

Our business English training is designed and delivered with your needs in mind. Classes can be delivered at the time of your choice throughout the day, even starting before or after normal office hours. Days and times can be changed depending on availability.

Please note that we operate a 24-hour cancellation policy. Classes cancelled by the trainee within 24 hours of the scheduled class will not be able to be changed or refunded.

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