Cultural Training for Living and Working in Ireland

Ensure your relocation programmes are a success with our Cultural Training for Living and Working in Ireland Courses

Our training will help your employees to:

Overcome culture shock & adapt quickly

Improve their English language skills

Settle in and be happy in their new home

What Our Clients Say

AllTalk Training’s courses are not only about studying English, they are about cultural adaptation and that’s exactly what I was looking for. My trainer, Brigid, takes into consideration the learner’s needs and requests - whether it is a particular grammar topic, cultural question, or language practice.

The class itself is very friendly, supportive, and flexible. We had different types of classes including offline, online sessions via Zoom, and even a great interactive scone-eating lesson. Brigid is very positive, friendly, open-minded and super helpful. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher for everyone who is moving to Ireland and is eager to get to know and find out more about Irish culture.

Relocation Ireland Tech Companies

Yaroslav Zhuravlev, Technical Writer, NGINX Inc.

NGINX has had an outstanding experience with AllTalk Training. When we relocated a team from Eastern Europe to Ireland, we wanted to offer the employees and their spouses English language courses as a relocation benefit. We offered the benefit because language is an essential part of integration into a new culture and success in the workplace. We wanted our team to have the support they needed to establish a new life in Ireland, integrate into Irish society and be effective at work. We were looking for a partner in Ireland that: Provides high-quality language instruction Integrates culture into the curriculum Works effectively across different levels of language skill Is flexible and can work around the needs of the team (both in terms of scheduling and curriculum) Initially, AllTalk Training instructors would meet the course participants at our office. When Covid forced a temporary shutdown of in-person work, courses were moved online. The transition to online courses was very smooth and professional. Working with All Talk Training has been easy and enjoyable. The team is very responsive to concerns and transparent in communication. This benefit is managed from headquarters in the United States and, despite the time difference, we've had nothing but a positive experience with AllTalk Training.Relocation Ireland Tech Companies

Inna Morgounova - Senior Director, NGINX Business Strategy

Successful Employee Relocation

Do you have employees who have relocated or are about to relocate to Ireland and you would like to ensure these relocations are successful?

Employees moving to a new country must be able to put roots down in their new home in order to feel happy, to perform well at work, and to stay for an extended period of time. Integrating into their new workplace, their new area, and the wider community is essential to reach these goals.

To do this, a good grasp of the language and local culture is vital when it comes to integrating quickly, or even settling in at all.

Our Language and Culture Integration Course was created with one goal in mind – to add an element to your relocation programme that will help your employees make the most of their new home and become happy and active members of the wider community for years to come.

Our training can be delivered online, so your relocating employees also have the opportunity to get to know the language and culture of their new home before they even arrive. This allows them to find their feet quickly when they move, giving your relocation programme the best chance of success.

Give your relocation programme the best chance of success

Let's talk about your goals for your employee relocation strategy

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