Podcast Interview: ‘Cross-cultural Communication in International Teams’

Podcast Interview: ‘Cross-cultural Communication in International Teams’

Recently, AllTalk Training founder, Brigid Farrell, appeared as a guest on the ‘Happier at Work’ podcast, with Aoife O’Brien.

The podcast series, as the title would suggest, looks at ways in which people can get more enjoyment from their work, because, after all, happier employees experience better mental wellbeing, and are of course more productive.

On episode 17, Brigid spoke about ways in which we can all improve our communication at work when we are a part of international teams or in any cross-cultural environment.

In particular, Aoife and Brigid discussed the importance of empathy and being self-aware of your own communication, and how our culture impacts our own choice of words. We also discussed the importance of being clearly understood.

The podcast episode is available on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also access the episode directly on Aoife’s website.

You can learn more about our Intercultural Communication Training here.

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