Interview Preparation Course

Interview Preparation Course

Going for an interview in English soon? Do your language skills make you feel nervous about it?

We are here to help you do that interview with confidence!

We have helped countless English language learners to gain confidence and speak better so they could ace their interview. We can help you do the same.

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Course Details

This course will consist of three classes that will take place on Skype.

We will work with you to ensure that you do the best possible interview with your current language level. This takes pressure off you as we show you how to do a great interview with the language you already know.

We will give you the tools to respond appropriately and politely if you do not understand what your interviewer asks, and we will guide you on best practice for interviews with people from a culture different to your own.

Course Content

Everyone is different, so we will get to know you and your situation before we begin the course. Getting to know your goals, time constraints, and strengths and weaknesses are very important!

We will work on highlighting what is important in your interview and we will also make sure you are prepared to answer any difficult questions with confidence.

When you purchase this course, you get:

1 free twenty-minute needs analysis (via Skype)

3 x 75min classes (via Skype):

Class 1 – Highlighting important points, dealing with sensitive topics

Class 2 – Preparation for general interview questions

Class 3 – Practise full interview

Learning Goals

Usually you have an interview coming up pretty soon, so we do not try to work magic and make you into a near native English speaker. Instead, we focus on getting the best out of the language you already know.

Therefore, when the general learning goals for the course are achieved, you will:

  • have built confidence in your current language level
  • be able to avoid misunderstanding
  • know how to behave in a culturally appropriate manner during the interview


Class 1

Highlighting areas that are relevant to the job position/the company

Learning how to respond to questions regarding topics that may be sensitive for you


Class 2

Preparing and practising answers for other common interview questions that are relevant to you


Class 3

Revising and practising the entire interview

Interview roleplay


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