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Navigating Comm Challenges in Multilingual Multicultural Workplace

Navigating Communication Challenges in a Multilingual Workplace

If English is your workplace language but you have team members from many different language backgrounds and with varying levels of competency in English, then it is very likely that your teams experience communication issues. The good news is that there are solutions to these issues. That is, there are a number of effective practices and policies as well as skills development options that can be implemented to greatly improve communication across all different language and culture backgrounds as well as English-language abilities.

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4 Tips for Communication In Multicultural Teams

Good communication within teams promotes a greater exchange of ideas and smoother cooperation, resulting in better execution of projects. Professionals, and sometimes entire teams, often have to collaborate with each other in English when English is not their native language. Successful collaboration on multicultural teams means fewer instances of miscommunication and the preservation of good working relationships so that common goals and company targets can be reached.

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