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Comparative Adjectives

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Present Perfect Continuous

Learn Business English

Present Perfect Simple VS Present Perfect Continuous

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Past Simple

Business English for beginners

Present Perfect

English for business studies

Past Simple – VS – Present Perfect

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Prepositions of Time (at/in/on)

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Prepositions of Place (at/in/on)

Future form

Future Forms

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Present Simple VS Present Continuous

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For, Since & Ago

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Adverbs and Adjectives

Relative Clauses


Make and Do

Adverbs of Frequency

Countable Versus Uncountable Nouns

Irregular Verbs

Real Conditionals

Unreal Conditionals

All Conditionals

Past Perfect

Future continuous

Identifying numbers

Future Continuous

Future Perfect

Future Continuous Vs Future Perfect

Saying Phone Numbers

Could have, would have, should have

Future Time Clauses

Making Recommendations (using +ing or infinitive)

‘ed’ and ‘ing’ adjectives


Must and have to

Question tags


Linking words

Phrasal verbs


Say and tell

Dependent prepositions

Short-answer responses

If Vs Unless

As Vs Like

Used to, be used to & get used to

Stative Vs Dynamic/Active Verbs

Be used to

Get used to

Past Continuous Vs Past Simple

The verb ‘to be’

can / can’t / could / couldn’t

‘a’ Vs ‘an’

Present continuous

Gerunds & Infinitives and Verb Patterns


Can Vs Can’t (simple)

Identifying and learning new English vocabulary

Identifying and learning new English vocabulary

Can / Could / Would for Polite Requests

Could and couldn’t

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