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Our Mission

Focused on Clear Communication
In the business world, clients, colleagues, leaders and partners all want to understand you. They are not taking notes on your grammar and range of vocabulary, like a teacher might have done at school. When you take the focus away from linguistic perfection and place it on clear and effective communication, then you see better results and you see them faster – our clients build confidence in using business English and increase their knowledge in a way that helps them reach their professional goals.

Teaching the Language You Need
Our objective is to help you learn and implement language that you and your team need. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to language training. Offering a customised service is central to our mission. We work closely with our business clients to ensure they see significant improvements – fast!

Providing Quality Service
To ensure you are getting the best possible service, all our language trainers are suitably qualified to help you and your company reach your communication goals in business English and German. Our trainers not only have extensive teaching know-how, they also have the experience of working and living abroad in non-English speaking countries. We understand the challenges of mastering a foreign language and learning to interpret cultural differences. This allows us to offer high-quality language and intercultural training.

Let AllTalk Training help you achieve better, faster and more effective business results.

Brigid Farrell

Director and Head Trainer | AllTalk Training

After giving my first business English course to an engineer with Siemens many years ago in Germany, I immediately knew that teaching business English would play a major role in my life.

Soon after qualifying from University College Cork with a BA in Language and Cultural Studies, I completed a Cambridge-certified course for teaching English (CELTA). Subsequently, I moved to Germany where I trained professionals in various companies in the Ruhr region of Germany as well as teaching staff and students at the Ruhr University in Bochum. I had the opportunity to teach business English to employees in a wide variety of sectors who required English for Specific Purposes such as English for Engineers, English for Accounting, English for HR, English for Sales and much more.

I have since trained professionals in Brazil, Spain, and Ireland in General English, Business English and English for Specific Purposes. During my time abroad, I didn’t miss the opportunity to pick up some of the local lingo. This experience has offered me a first-hand insight into the difficulties individuals are presented with when communicating in a foreign language as well as the importance of cultural awareness and intercultural competence in today’s world.

” We love teaching you
and it’s important to us
that you enjoy
the experience of
learning with us “

In 2016, I started my own language training business, now AllTalk Training. I wanted to offer my clients something different. Instead of relying solely on course books and concentrating entirely on fixed topics, I wanted to provide my clients with more flexible training solutions, changing learning outcomes and materials to suit their specific needs and desires.

Today, our mission at AllTalk Training is based entirely on this approach. We help clients build confidence in their language skills, show them what fluency really means, placing the emphasis on clear communication rather than just great test results – and we do all of this with a sense of fun – yes, learning a language for business can be a truly enjoyable experience!

What Our Clients Say

I’m very happy to have AllTalk Training as our English training partner. Brigid is our trainer and, even via Skype, she manages to build a relationship with the students and customises her training to the student’s needs. Brigid accomplishes the training with great initiative and with a positive attitude.YouGov

Annika Benölken, HR Manager at YouGov Deutschland GmbH

I am very happy with my AllTalk Training online course. The classes are very enjoyable and always with content totally customised to your level. Thanks to Brigid I improved my English enough to get a better job in another country. If you want to improve your English effectively I recommend AllTalk Training to everyone.

Roberto Buenavida, Software Engineer at Solenix GmbH

As an English language training provider, AllTalk Training is really customer oriented. They understand students' needs and adapt the programs to ensure satisfaction. Brigid's professional approach combined with a sense of fun results in an enjoyable and successful language learning experience.

Daniel Fernandez de la Mela, CEO at Damaco Group, Spain.

I'm really happy with All Talk Training. Brigid has helped me in my last three business presentations in English. I was a bit scared but Brigid is the best. She has really good skills as an English teacher and in an easy and funny way, you will learn how to speak English very well.

Ruben Mahugo Leiva, Chief Marketing Officer at Spalopia, Spain

Brigid helped me a lot with my business English! AllTalk Training is such a great opportunity to learn English with a brilliant teacher based in Ireland without even going out of your home. Thanks a lot, Brigid!

Julia Glebova, Sales Account Manager, Germany

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