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Training to improve communication in multicultural teams

Communication is about much more than the language that we use.

AllTalk Training take a practical approach when it comes to improving communication in multi-cultural workplaces. In multicultural workplaces where there is one company language (usually English), individuals from different language and cultural backgrounds may feel that the burden to understand and to be understood, rests with them. In fact, often native English speakers fail to recognise how their own communication can be misinterpreted which can lead to misunderstandings. Our training helps both sides to communicate more effectively. By offering both Business English Training (for non-native speakers) and Intercultural Communication Training (for everyone, including native English speakers) we improve communication for all, regardless of their cultural or language background.

Training to improve collaboration

We take a whole team approach to improve communication so that culturally diverse teams become collaborative, inclusive, and innovative. Our intercultural training has helped many different types of teams (distributed virtual teams and on-site teams alike) to work more collaboratively. Our training offers an effective solution with immediate and long-lasting impact that helps to ensure that all team members are on an equal footing and feel valued. It reduces misunderstandings and confusion over context. Organisations we have worked with have more cohesive teams, better productivity, smoother collaboration, and more inclusive workplaces as a result. Even experienced professionals who have worked internationally for years describe our training as “eye-opening” with “immediate impact” and “definite added value.”

How can we help your business?

We have been delivering training online since 2017, offering various solutions including on-demand courses and live virtual training. Whether you require business English training or intercultural communication training, we can provide you with a training plan that meets your goals, delivered in an engaging and accessible way to your employees. As a boutique business, we are customer-centred. We can tailor our training to meet your needs and the needs of your business. We believe in adding value, using real-world examples, and also bringing some fun to the experience. Our training is focussed, practical, and intended to be put to use immediately.

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What Our Clients Say

I’m very happy to have AllTalk Training as our English training partner. Even online, the trainers build a great relationship with the trainees and we find the training is customised to each trainee's needs. The trainers at AllTalk Training accomplish the training with great initiative and with a positive attitude.YouGov

Annika Benölken, HR Manager at YouGov Deutschland GmbH

As an English language training provider, AllTalk Training is really customer-oriented. They understand each trainee's needs and adapt the programs to ensure satisfaction. Their professional approach combined with a sense of fun results in an enjoyable and successful language learning experience.

Daniel Fernandez de la Mela, CEO at Damaco Group, Spain.

I was fortunate to have been introduced to Brigid and subsequently have her speak at TheNetworkingSummit 2019 on the topic of Intercultural Communication to Drive Global Collaboration. Her presentation style is engaging and motivating, and the value of her content for global and culturally diverse businesses is second to none. I would highly recommend Brigid as a presenter for your next event.

Enterprise Europe Network at Cork Chamber worked with All Talk Training in 2019 to deliver a training session on ‘Communication for International Teams and International Business’. Brigid was meticulous in her planning and delivery of the session and took a really personal approach to understanding the level and needs of the audience in order to tailor it accordingly. As a result, she delivered a well-researched session that was both practical and interactive as well as enjoyable and worthwhile for all participants. In an increasingly complex business environment, the services of All Talk Training are evermore critical to bring awareness and understanding to everyday business communication across cultures.

Margaret Kelly - Enterprise Europe Coordinator, Cork Chamber

NGINX has had an outstanding experience with AllTalk Training. When we relocated a team from Eastern Europe to Ireland, we wanted to offer the employees and their spouses English language courses as a relocation benefit. We offered the benefit because language is an essential part of integration into a new culture and success in the workplace. We wanted our team to have the support they needed to establish a new life in Ireland, integrate into Irish society and be effective at work. We were looking for a partner in Ireland that: Provides high-quality language instruction Integrates culture into the curriculum Works effectively across different levels of language skill Is flexible and can work around the needs of the team (both in terms of scheduling and curriculum) Initially, AllTalk Training instructors would meet the course participants at our office. When Covid forced a temporary shutdown of in-person work, courses were moved online. The transition to online courses was very smooth and professional. Working with All Talk Training has been easy and enjoyable. The team is very responsive to concerns and transparent in communication. This benefit is managed from headquarters in the United States and, despite the time difference, we've had nothing but a positive experience with AllTalk Training.Relocation Ireland Tech Companies

Inna Morgounova - Senior Director, NGINX Business Strategy

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